“It would be a good idea if all fashion drawings transported themselves into the realm of the emotions, and began to convey how one should feel while looking how, as well”-Zelda Fitzgerald

Our muse, Zelda Fitzgerald, said it best; and our inspiration and contemporary interpretation of this thought is this – to enable women to dress for yourself wherever your mood takes you.  Love, Zelda is a high-end leisurewear brand inspired by vintage sleepwear silhouettes, but re-envisioned to allow the versatility to dress both in and out, from day to night. 

Dress for yourself extends beyond just mood validation -- it is our core value: to extend the power of communication that fashion allows a woman to enhance her self-expression and confidence.  It is our goal to make obsolete the assumption that we only dress to impress someone else.  Through fashion, the power of validation can be taken back from the onlookers and returned to herself.  In each of our pieces, we aim to create a three-dimensional canvas on which a woman can dress up or dress down, giving her the conviction to be as and what she pleases, whether extroverted, introverted, provocative, conservative, casual, elegant, unique, timeless…

Creative expression takes an unlimited variety of living forms, and fashion is just one of them.  So slip into something comfortable and feel good inside and out.

                               Love, Zelda



As Zelda wrote in one of her letters to her husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The soul of the artist is beautiful and precious and without the artist neither would we be able to decipher the purpose of life nor correlate our lives with the cosmic patterns.”

 Behind the vision of Love, Zelda is a woman who parallels the brand’s namesake with a diversity of talents and refusal to subscribe to labels. With roots in NYC, HI, and CA, Sara Soo McGuigan is an essentialist painter, theater costume designer, former captain of a Coast Guard ship, surfer, MBA grad, and fashionista entrepreneur.

 Love, Zelda is Sara’s first passion project in fashion design, establishing her ability to combine social acuity, business acumen, and creativity in her artistic endeavors