Love, Zelda Couture Lingerie Collection

Couture Silk Lingerie French Lace

Couture silk lingerie handcrafted with fine French lace.  Delicate, romantic, timeless

Flappers.  “You know the term?  These independent, morally modern girls.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald  

There is no doubt that we are obsessed with the Roaring Twenties, the era of which Zelda Fitzgerald has been labeled as the first flapper and fashionista of her time.  And what we love more than the Gatsby dresses is the silhouette underneath. Prior to this, the underlying requirement was tightly laced corsets, girdles, and petticoats.  But with the 1920’s came a new way of thinking about lingerie…that it would be exquisite, comfortable, and sexy.

1920's Lace Lingerie1920's lingerie romper

In our Couture Collection, we strive to symbolize and embody this as part of our 2018 Collection’s theme: Freedom of Expression.

At Love, Zelda, we treasure the concept of radical self-love. Each and every person has their own idea of what self-love is, but at the core of self-love is the freedom to be yourself. Fashion is one of the most personal and unique ways that we use to express ourselves. To love yourself is to be comfortable and free in yourself. Our Couture Collection hopes to reflect freedom of expression as part of the freedom to #dressforyourself.

Couture Silk lingerie

The beauty and delicacy of fine lingerie is an art. Sewn by machine and hand, this couture lingerie is cut to fit and combines luxurious silk with delicate, handpicked, imported French lace.

Couture Silk LingerieVintage French Lace

 Because each piece will be made specifically for you, these are made to order.

Couture Silk LingerieCouture Silk LingerieCouture Silk Lingerie

Find independence, romance and opulence in these timeless, one-of-a-kind garments. Whether you are slipping into bed or putting the finishing touch on your makeup before a night out, our Couture Collection will be sure to inspire you with the freedom to express yourself.

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Love and Thanks to our Photographer: Demetrius McCullough @framefrozen

Model: Devynne Diaz @devynnediaz

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