5 Ways to Wear Silk in the Winter

Stepping out in silk sleepwear is a thing.  What we like to refer to as Sleepleisure has been making silky waves through the celeb-sphere...Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid...for good reason.

Rihanna Bronze Silk Slip Dress VougeSelena Gomez Ama's Slip Dress       Gigi Hadid Sleepwear out

These slinky silk pieces are obvious stand-alone staples for any it-girl during the Summer, but what about when the weather winds down?

Silk is one of the most fun fabrics to play with when creating style combinations. The LZ Team is obsessed with layering and we’re here to share some cold weather inspiration!

Silk Slip Dress with Cardigan Sweater


1. Slip-Sweater Dress

Throw your favorite cozy sweater over LZ’s smooth Slip Dress. This look can pull casual for daytime wear, but don’t forget to dress it up for GNO.

      Chunky Sweater over Slip DressSilk Slip Dress and SweaterSilk Slip Dress Style


2. Silk Slip Dress + Chunky Cardigan

Feel like showing off a little? Ditch the sweater for a warm cardigan - the chunkier the better.

              Vintage Cardigan Sweater with SilkVintage Cardigan Sweater with Silk Slip Dress

3. Layered Camisole

A staff favorite! Layer up the Silk Camisole with a turtleneck, we promise the two make a perfect pair.

               Layered Silk Camisole and TurtleneckLayered Silk Camisole and Vintage Levis


4. Sleek Babydoll

Holiday errands to run? Boozy brunch? Our Babydoll Dress plays nice with a cool cut jean.

Silk Babydoll Dress Pink


5. High Style Business Casual

It’s business as usual: our Silk Cami balances out these heavier patterned pants for an effortless business casual style and a perfect canvas to accessorize.

               Silk Camisole Business Casual StyleSilk Camisole Business Casual Style

How are you layering your favorite Love, Zelda pieces? #dressforyourself and tag us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram @shoplovezelda

Special Thanks & Love:

Model - Geylin Castillo @geylin_castillo

Photographer - Devynne Diaz @devynnediaz

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