Bath Therapy

Bath Therapy

Breaking-up meant that he would not be moving to NYC with me.  Therefore, my apartment hunting criteria had changed and I was now looking by myself, for myself.

I had no requirements in mind - not a location, rent $, floor layout, etc. - but just one: that there must be a tub for me to take a bath in.

Bath therapy - makes me feel like I’m in a hideaway in which no one can intrude my space and spirit.  To completely relax; allow the toughness of my skin and muscles to release and my mind to process thoughts in a more calm state.  

My go to in making the bath a sacred place is Tubtonics.  Tubtonics, woman owned and made by Andrea Long, a beautiful mother of 5.  In Arkansas, we did pop-up shops together and I fell in love with her products. All soaps and bath salts are all natural plant-based, organic ingredients, vegan, palm oil free, with no sulfates, no parabens, and no phthalates.  All are made with the purpose to help the skin rebalance, restore, and increase immunity. 

Plant Based Vegan Soap

Amethyst Geode Bath Bomb

A beautiful bath bomb for self care.  Each simulated amethyst gemstone bath bomb is infused with aromatic pure grade lavender and frankincense essential oils and nourishing, skin-conditioning grapeseed oil.  Amethyst’s properties are known for balancing thoughts to increase patience and emotional well-being.  Combination of lavender, clove with a touch of frankincense, an essential oil to evoke a calm mind and beautiful skin. 

Amethyst Vegan Lavender Bath BombAmethyst Vegan Lavender Bath BombAmethyst Vegan Lavender Bath Bomb


Soaps with a Purpose

Tubtonics has a range of gorgeous soaps that are made with all natural and organic ingredients combined with therapeutic essential oils to serve a purpose in adding extra benefits to your skin.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Vitamin C and Tea-tree oil soap is a natural skin rejuvenating combination of white willow bark, vitamin c, and tea tree essential oil to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and pores.  It is infused with vitamin-c which can reactivate collagen, willow bark that works as a mild exfoliant, and therapeutic grade tea tree essential oil known for clearing and toning the skin’s appearance.

Vitamin C and Tea Tree oil soap

Tumeric and Oat soap which is an anti-oxidant, anti bacterial, and anti-inflammatory mixed with oats to exfoliate and balance PH and calm inflamed skin.

Tumeric and Oat Soap

And the Activated Charcoal soap combined with therapeutic essential oils to combat stress and hormonal induced blemishes and breakouts.  A great remedy especially for sensitive skin.

Activated Charcoal Soap


Rose Salt Bath Soak

Bath salts bring the best kind of self-love bath therapy.  A combination of organic lavender and frankincense essential oils and rose botanicals that are easily absorbed through the skin to detox and support our bodies at a molecular level.  After effects: relaxation, better sleep, soothing aches, increase circulation, and improving skin hydration.

Rose Essential Oil Bath SaltsRose Essential Oil Bath Salts

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