Meet the Love, Zelda Team

Meet the Team Love, Zelda

It’s been six months since the launch of Love, Zelda.  Each garment made, Instagram posted, and blog written has been driven by a small group of women, fueled by a sense of purpose and a love for self-expression.

We’d like to take a moment at the year’s beginning to introduce you to the team.

Devynne Diaz

Social Media Marketing, Professional Model, Photographer, Double-Major 4.0 GPA

In every positive way, Devynne is an overachiever. A double-major, online editor of her college magazine, and studying to take the GRE, she jumped at the opportunity to be a “marketing intern.” But Devynne has been so much more: she’s our model, photoshoot director, social media coordinator, and brings positivity when it is needed most. 

New Years Eve StyleModel Devynne DiazSocial Media Marketing Devynne Diaz

Q: What inspired you to be a part of Love, Zelda?

Dev: Because of a passion for some of the key essences of the brand - empowerment of women through fashion, the versatility of the silk pieces themselves, and the unique vintage silhouettes.                             

Q: How would you describe your personal style and where do you find inspiration?

Dev: Art, music, fashion bloggers and social media like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. I'd describe my personal style as a blend of minimalist, classic and edgy. 

Q: What's your favorite Love, Zelda piece?

Dev: The Cloud Silk Slip Dress, it’s perfect for all seasons and all occasions! Plus it's insanely soft and so comfortable.


Antonella Kinder

Marketing and Development, Fashion Blogger, Stylist, Model, In-Kind Coordinator for the NWA Women’s Shelter

Antonella epitomizes the Love, Zelda brand: strength, grace, and free expression of her womanhood.  She is not only the force of developing creative content, but also the actress/model/writer to bring them to life.  In addition to, Antonella is fierce in her commitment to empower women through her professional devotion to the NWA Woman’s Shelter and she is at the forefront of integrating this mission into Love, Zelda.

New Years Style BlogMarketing and Development Antonella KinderModel Antonella Kinder

Q: What inspired you to be a part of Love, Zelda?

Antonella:  Love, Zelda celebrates strength and diversity with a mission to empower women.  Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

Q: How would you describe your personal style and where do you find inspiration?

Antonella: My motto is "wear weird." Lately I've been into louder looks. Bright colors, mixed patterns, playful cuts.  There's just something so cool about a woman rocking a weird outfit in a way that manages to still feel collected and cohesive.

Q: What's your favorite Love, Zelda piece?

Antonella: If I HAD to choose a favorite it would be the Silk Babydoll Dress. I love the way the top of the dress is cut and it's such a fun piece to dress up and down. 


Sara McGuigan

Founder of Love, Zelda 

Sara’s goal is to grow the concept of fashion as a common language among women that expresses and enhances confidence.  The Love, Zelda pieces are designed with these purposes in mind.

Founder Sara McGuiganThe Love, Zelda Team

Love, Zelda Silk Woman's FashionNew Years Style Blog

Q: What has been most rewarding working with the Love, Zelda Team?

Sara: Like Devynne and Antonella, who are using their talents to uplift my dreams, I am fully committed to do the same for them.  I’m also extremely thankful for every friend that has reached out with encouragement, every designer that has given me advice, and every woman that has allowed me to tell their story in the “#dressforyourself” blog.

Q: What can we expect for Love, Zelda in 2018?

Sara: We are preparing the launch of the Spring 2018 collection, and plan to expand our team by collaborating with local designers and non-profits to spark a change in the fashion industry…women supporting each other to simultaneously achieve our dreams.

 Happy New Year, here’s to 2018, the best is yet to come!

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Love and Thanks to our Photographer: Nataly Lorenzo @ryanzeal