Keturah White: Fashion Model with a Purpose

Fashion Model Silk Babydoll Dress

As clothing continues to be more ethically and environmentally conscious, a another movement is taking hold in Fashion Modeling: to no longer be one size/type fits all.  As said in Vogue, "Fashion Models Are Changing-and it's About a Lot More Than Clothes."

The purpose for our #dressforyouself blog is to highlight amazing women doing amazing things.  Naturally, the women that we feature are those that model our brand; there is nothing more powerful than seeing our clothing brought to life by these local heroes.  Keturah White is just one of our many favorites.

Styled Fashion Photoshoot Crystal Bridges Museum

In 2013 Keturah was planning to graduate as a commissioned officer in the US Air Force.  But that Spring, at the age of 26, she had 3 strokes in 24 hours and a heart condition that needed surgery immediately.  She discovered that that she had been living through mini-strokes and that life-long symptoms such as migraines and a rapidly beating heart were telltale signs of her heart condition.

Fly's Eye Dome | Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtKeturah models the Silk Baby Doll dress, her unique beauty and strength perfectly staged within the Fly’s Eye Dome at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Prior to, Keturah knew very little about heart disease, which is why she is now an American Heart Association Advocate, raising awareness and early detection to help others fight back with knowledge: “Heart disease is 70% preventable, so education and awareness of heart health is the key to prevention.”  She is a National Stroke Hero Award recipient and recently attended Heart at the Capitol in Washington, DC, lobbying for affordable access to healthcare.

Needless to say, she also brings her beautiful and fierce disposition to the runway.  She is an inspiration, reminding us that even though things don’t go as planned, there is always something greater in store.

Silk Sleepwear Night Dress MauveNWAFW Love, Zelda Spring Fashion Show 2018Silk Sleepwear Night Dress MauveKeturah walked one of our new Spring Styles on the 2018 NWAFW Runway
Fashion Photography, Crystal Bridges Museum Fly's Eye Dome: @myke_see
NWAFW Runway Photography: @solskinn and @bjohnsonxar

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